SafeKeep is a centralized and easy to use backup application that combines the best features of a mirror and an incremental backup. It sets up the appropriate environment for compatible backup packages and simplifies the process of running them.

You will probably find SafeKeep useful if you:

If you feel SafeKeep may be the answer for your data backup needs, take a few moments to see what it can offer. We've tried to make it simple, secure, and manageable. We built it on top of solid open source components that have been extensively tested by the community. You can trust SafeKeep with your data.

To see how SafeKeep looks like in action, take a look our quick example, or browse the documentation. Last but not least, SafeKeep is Open Source and you are always welcome to jump in and contribute!


Jun 19, 2016: SafeKeep version 1.4.3 (stable) released

SafeKeep 1.4.3 was released today. What's new in this release:

  • Updated server-side scripting and general cleanups of code and documentation.
  • Documentation cleanup.
  • Optionally remove CREATE DATABASE statement in dumps as proposed by Marco Bozzolan.
  • Added configuration option to specify ssh-keygen settings.
  • Attempt normal lvremove before invoking dmsetup for cleanup.
  • Correct email subject for errors during list output.
  • Added locking on the server to stop overlapping runs.
  • Update documentation for SSH change.
  • Support for SSH ed25519 keys, switch default key type to RSA from Alexander List.
  • Added server side startup hook support.
  • Fixed a couple of small bugs related to:
    • report errors during server cleanups,
    • missing remote scripts, and
    • client errors not reported by server during cleanups.
  • Sort entries based on IDs as proposed by Carl Franks.
  • Applied long outstanding patches from 2014.
    • Fix lvremove error as reported by Eric Aslakson
    • Clean up html generation with patches from Stanislav Blokhin

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