Copyright (c) 2007 Lattica, Inc.

For a complete list of authors, see the AUTHORS file.


SafeKeep is Open Source, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

As a backup application, SafeKeep is a key component of your infrastructure. We believe that infrastructure components should be open, especially when they safeguard such an important asset as your data.

The GPL is a standard license designed to allow the use of SafeKeep in both open source and commercial environments, while guaranteeing you access to the source code. It places no restrictions on your other application licenses, and avoids the need for any sort of license management, no matter how and where you use the application.

If you need to modify SafeKeep to adjust it to your own requirements, you are allowed to do so without the need to share those changes with others. However, if you want to redistribute your modifications, the GPL requires that you license them under the GPL terms so that others can benefit from them. This requirement ensures that all users of the software have access to any future improvements.